Sheldon's Diary

The Paws for the Imminent Cause Series Book 1

Ever wonder what your pet has been up to while you're away or sleeping cozily in your bed?  Wonder no longer.  All you have to do is find their diary, if your pet is a member of the secret society of the Paws for the Imminent cause that is, and you will find out way more than you ever wanted to know.

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Sheldon's Diary by Mary Ellen Quire is a cute, enjoyable, read like no other. As a read I like to try new stories here and there and see as I don't read many animals books, as in the animals being the lead characters for the book; this one sound like a good try. It was a change. A change in a good way. It's a light read with a huge mystery. The leads in the story was easy to bond with as the have strong personalities. At times I would stop and think what the people in this story must think of their pet. There are so many point of views to think about in the story of what our pets think; and what there lifestyles are like as well. This is a story that's funny, an easy end of the summer read to bright up your day!


I am a very picky reader and it takes a lot to grab my attention and keep it for more than 20 pages. This book did more than grab my attention! In fact the day that I got home with it I couldn't put it down! It's full of suspense and witty humor just as you would imagine coming from a feline. Definitely worth a read!


I read about this book when it was written up in our local paper.
It sounded cute so I ordered it. It wasn't just a cute story, it held
My interest all the way through.
I enjoyed meeting the cat characters, and felt they were well
Developed. I would recommend it to anyone who likes animals
Whether cats are their favorites or not.


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Dark Deliverance

If urban paranormal is more your cup of tea, check out Dark Deliverance.  Vampires?  Check.  Wizards and witches?  Check.  Fairies without pixie dust?  You betcha.  A young, single mother caught in the crossfire?  Oh yeah.

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Available now.


Fairview is a collection of short stories, ranging from paranormal and science fiction to horror and mainstream fiction, all of it written over the expanse of a decade.  The Card, The Sentence, and In the Shadow of Regimold are just a few.  Currently, Fairview is available in e-book format only.