Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is the Paws for the Imminent Cause book series only about cats?

No.  Although the series follows the two main characters, Sir Sheldon and Sir Cheddar who are indeed of the feline persuasion, the story encompasses all kinds of characters both human and non-human.

Is the Paws for the Imminent Cause book series a good consideration for the young adult genre?

Yes and no.  Sheldon's Diary and the future books in the series are based on the animal kingdom.  However, these are living/breathing imaginary creatures with really big challenges on their plate, so you will find some profanity in the mix.  There is no gratuitous sex and although the series is action-packed, the violence is kept to a minimum.

Since the young adult genre is so wide-ranged and parental controls continue to change over time, it is truly difficult to categorize it.  So if you're a parent and wonder if the book is appropriate for your kiddo, then give it a read before you hand it over.

Do you only write about animals?

No.  The Paws for the Imminent Cause series is based on a blog I started on Facebook (Sheldon's Diary).  There are many other works in several different genres published and in the process of either being written or published.  The compilation of short stories, Fairview, is available now, as is the urban fantasy, Dark Deliverance.  There is also a light-hearted assassin novel due out soon through Hydra Publications.

How can I purchase other works by Mary Ellen Quire?

Oh, that's easy.  Fairview (available in e-book format only) can be purchased through any e-book retailing site.  Dark Deliverance and Sheldon's Diary (available in print and e-book format) are available through any online retailer selling books or, if the brick and mortar store is more your taste, they can order it for you.

At the present time, Carmichael's Book Store in Louisville, Ky. and Karen's Book Barn in LaGrange, Ky. keep Sheldon's Diary on the shelf.  You can find Dark Deliverance at Karen's Book Barn as well.