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Meet Sharon K. Connell, Author of His Perfect Love


What would you say to entice a reader who isn’t familiar with the genre to read your book?

Christian/Romance/Suspense is a fairly new genre. His Perfect Love is a clean read, filled with drama and a bit of mystery worked in. The characters are written as real humans, with real human flaws, problems, and desires. Their lives are filled with anxiety, joy, sorrow, humor, and fear, just like our lives. You’ll find yourself drawn into their lives and pulling for the characters you like best. You will be surprised at the revelations in the story.


What was the most challenging part about writing His Perfect Love?

I found the most challenging part of writing His Perfect Love was trying to get the information I needed during research. After that, the editing.


It is said that writers will always put a bit of themselves into whatever they are writing. Is that true for you?  Do you relate to any of your characters?

I only relate to the characters in His Perfect Love in that I have very human needs and desires, just as Patricia and the other characters do in the story. Other than that, no. These characters are pure fiction, although I have experienced or know of others who have experiences some of the situations in the story.


Some authors plan ahead, making a plot outline of how they intend for the story to unfold and some will allow their muse to take over, writing the story as it is revealed to them. What writing method did you use for His Perfect Love?

As with all my novels, with His Perfect Love I started out with an idea and then just went with it, allowing the “muse to take over,” as you said. As I write each scene, I do an outline so that I can check back on information, making sure that everything is coordinated. When I’m finished, I have my outline. I simply let the ideas flow through the first draft of the story. Later I go back and may wind up altering the scenes a bit, but it usually comes out the way the story will be told the first time.


How long did it take you to write His Perfect Love?

His Perfect Love took a total of two years to write. After I had written the first draft, I began my self-editing. Half way through that, I decided to change my style of writing. I went back to the beginning and changed the wording into deep point of view.


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