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Meet David Liscio

Meet  David Liscio

Author of Deadly Fare


How is Deadly Fare different from other books in its genre?

Many crime fiction books are whodunnits. You find out the identity of the criminal at the end. Other are howcatchems, which include police procedurals that explain how the criminal was caught.

Deadly Fare isn’t either. A sprawling, action-packed drama, it takes readers back generations, to the 1930s, before propelling them forward fifty years. It’s primarily the story of a misguided boy who evolves into a societal menace. I hope readers will attempt to understand him.


What was your inspiration for writing Deadly Fare?

After working twenty years as a daily newspaper reporter covering cops and robbers, I felt like I had a story to tell. I’d also reported on a lengthy serial killer trial and got to know many of the people involved, including the suspect. That gave me a foundation for Deadly Fare. I wanted to write a book that offered a glimpse into the mind of a serial killer.


Some authors plan ahead, making a plot outline of how they intend for the story to unfold and some will allow their muse to take over, writing the story as it is revealed to them. What writing method did you use for Deadly Fare?

I tend to draw a flow chart that labels characters and shows their relationships to other faces and places on the board. The chart helps me “see” the story, but once the writing gets under way I only refer to the chart as a reminder because it’s likely to change.


Who is your favorite character in this book. Why?

Celeste, the serial killer Luddy Pugano’s mother. She is damaged beyond repair, yet struggles to survive even after all she has been through. The reader, hopefully, will come to understand who she is, and how she got that way. Same goes for her son. How did he become such a monster?


It is said that writers will always put a bit of themselves into whatever they are writing. Is that true for you?  Do you relate to any of your characters?

Ex-Special Forces soldier Emmett Decker is a man of action, lethal yet sensitive. I like that about him. Hannah Summers is an absolutely gorgeous former state police detective who seldom glances in the mirror. She’s all business when it comes to taking down bad guys. I like that about her.


What would you say to entice a reader who isn’t familiar with the genre to read your book?

Look over your shoulder. Lock the doors and windows. Find a comfortable chair and prepare to feel tension, fear, revulsion, excitement, joy. Brace yourself just as though stepping aboard a roller coaster and enjoy the ride. That’s why it’s called a thriller.


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