Mary Ellen Quire


Born and raised in Kentucky, Mary Ellen Quire has been dabbling in the craft of writing for nearly three decades.  As a child, she found a love for reading and a fascination for anyone with the ability to tell a good story.  Wanting to be just like the grownups who would sit around the kitchen table to swap all kinds of tales, she began creating her own to read in front of family and friends just for fun.  When she took Mrs. Wallace’s creative writing class at Henry County High School, the childhood interest kindled a tiny spark.  However, it would be another four years after graduating from Kentucky State University with a degree in psychology that this slight fancy could morph into a passion.

After Mary’s fourth and last daughter was born, she started writing short stories and bits of poetry which she kept to herself until the secret hobby was discovered by a family member who urged her to pursue it further.  In 2005 her first novel, Link Detonator, was published under the name Mary E. Rose, with the sequel Detonator Time’s Up following a year later.  Her vampire novel, Dark Deliverance, was released under the name Mary Ellen Quire in 2010 and in 2014 Sheldon’s Diary was published with tales of two knighted felines who are members of a secret animal society known as The Paws for the Imminent Cause.  Cheddar’s Diary, the second book in the series is due out at the end of the 2017.  Back Home Magazine printed her article Choosing Your Veterinarian in their July/August 2014 issue and in 2016, her compilation of short stories entitled Fairview was published in electronic book format through Smashwords.

At the present time, she resides in the quiet town of Pleasureville with her husband, Rob, and various animal squatters who have somehow managed to hitch a ride to the Quire abode from her workplace of sixteen years at Crestwood Animal Hospital.  Just one more hazard of the job.